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The use of job costing as a tool for the pricing and cost control decisions in the printing industry: the case of Société de Presse et d'Editions (SOPECAM)

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par Christian Kuiate Sobngwi
University of Buea - Bachelor of Science 2003

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This research work is primarily designed to contribute to the evolution and the wide spreading of universally recognised accounting practices in the Cameroon's business environment; as such we are interested in studying the application and the use of the job costing method in a State-owned printing company, this is because we wish to avoid the occurrence of bankruptcy in another Parastatal printing enterprise as this has been the case with the National Printing Press whose activities are now reduced to their mildest level, because of many factors among which the lack of professionalism.

Concerning the scientific contribution of this research work, this study is aimed at many goals. The first one is the achievement and completion of a research work as the peak to three years of intense training at the University of Buea department of Economics and Management.

Secondly, in conducting this research work, we were interested in studying the public sector of the Cameroonian economy and therefore draw the relevant conclusion as it concerns its chances to succeed in the extremely competitive business environment.

Finally, this study can be particularly helpful as it provides a case study to the use of an accounting principle and thus it can be regarded as a valuable tool for tutorials or illustrations for cost and managerial accounting classes.

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