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Contribution of microfinance on women empowerment case study of Vision Finance company ltd Nyaruguru

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Protestant institute of arts and social sciences - Bachelor's degree in Business studies with education 2016

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The results from my research have confirmed the contribution of microfinance on women empowerment in Nyaruguru. Different questionnaires answered by respondents have underlined the above assumption. Some of these questions have evaluated the use of savings and credits in economical activity for women empowerment, and this met the agreement of 96.9% of respondents. Indeed, when the people resources are limited or inexistent, they have to look on low-income generating activities in order to gain money. In regards to the socio-demographic variables, the majority of respondents are married, self-employed, achieved only the primary level, and are aged between 18-60 years. This justifies the fact that respondents in the mentioned categories deal with microfinance in terms of saving & credits for their survival. Currently in Rwanda, it has been evidenced that none can get better economically without the credits and savings operations.

Further, another item has questioned about the change of gender role and status within household & community by economically developed-women. In the past, women in Rwanda were not considered with appropriate dignity. Since they have been involved in business and other responsibility, they have changed that mentality. From our research, 95.3% of respondents have agreed with the statement. Effectively, women empowerment affects their status not only in their place of residence but also within the community, and this constitutes the sum or the result of their status change. The women economically-developed need their involvement in income generating business, which imply the use of saving and credit operations.

On the other hand, the women appreciation towards the microcredit provided by Vision Finance Company Ltd MFI in their empowerment has been analyzed, and most of respondent have expressed their wish to increase the amount of credit offered by Vision Finance Company Ltd. All the same, the research has evidenced that most of clients who benefit from Vision Finance Company Ltd's microcredit have agreed to be in female low-income activities. This means that women who deal with Vision Finance Company Ltd MFI would like to have more amount of credit for high income generating activities. Obviously, it emphasizes that a low income generating activity becomes later a high income generating activity, and justifies the contribution of microfinance in women empowerment.

Thus, 95.3% respondents have agreed that through the microcredit, women may become economically self-sufficiency even with the absence of men support. This confirms the part of microfinance in women empowerment because in former times, the woman has been for a long time financially dependent on man. Currently, as long as Rwanda still obsessed by the women promotion in various domains, their financial self-sufficiency will strengthen and make easy the process. Moreover, the research has interestingly enough evidenced that most of participants were strongly agreed not only that the microcredit offered to women in context of family impacts positively its standing improvement, but also that the family economy may be based on the women empowerment due to savings and credit through microfinance. One thing is for sure, woman has always been the pillar of the family economical development. Furthermore, it is known that the family development goes hand in hand with the community development. Then, the women involvement in savings and credit process towards microfinance leads up to the community promotion through the family one.

Based on the results of the present research, we intend to emphasize on the strengthening of women empowerment through microfinance for the following major achievements: firstly, as women constitute the high percentage among all Rwandan, their empowerment will become a key point in sustainable development of the country. Secondly, the promotion of women through microfinance enhances them to become more self-employed, and encourage gender promotion which leads them to competitiveness with men. Thirdly, the reinforcement of microfinance and the encouragement of people, women especially, to deal with them contributes in poverty alleviation through redaction of the rise in unemployment because people become job creator not job seeker.

It is important to note that these results concern only Vision Finance Company Ltd and participants to the research. They can be generalized neither to all microfinance institutions nor to all women who deal with microfinance. Another limitation related to this research is linked to the inaccessibility to all respondents for interview and observation of all their projects. Thus, it has been difficult for us to evaluate with precision the progression made by our respondents since it wasn't easy to eliminate all factors which may have intervene in their economical development.

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Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy

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