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Teilhard de Chardin and Senghor on the civilization of the universal

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par Denis Ghislain MBESSA
Université de Yaoundé 1 - Maitrise en philosophie 2007

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To my beloved mother of blessed memory
Gisèle Ekobo



The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest men of past centuries. How could I repay all these great philosophers who by their writings have helped me achieve this research work in philosophy?

I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who in one way or another, far or near, have contributed to the achievement of this research work. My heartfelt thanks go in a special way to my supervisor, Professor Godfrey BANYUY TANGWA, who played the wonderful role of mentor. His invaluable suggestions, criticisms and corrections enhanced the quality of this work.

Among those who offered me scholarly advice and generously shared their time and knowledge were Rigobert DAMAN, Roger KREBSER, Joël Francis OHANDZA, Jean-Baptiste BIKENA TONYE and Jacques NLEND.

I am also indebted to my classmates: Joseph Christian BOUNOUNGOU, Michel TAKOUA, Jacques KOUKAM, Serge NYONGO MBESSA, Oumarou DJALIGUE, Innocent MBALLA, André TSOGO, Pierre Constant FOUDA, Terence ATEH, Beatrice BIDOUNG, Sophie MENYE and to my friends who, by their thought-provoking remarks, gave me the impetus to firm up this work. Special thanks go to Charles ONDOA EDANG, Lazare OWONO, Charles LIKEN III, Thierry MOLO, Barthélémy NKOA, Jean Olivier NKE ONGONO, Alain Cyrille NYOUMI NDZIE, and Martin BOGAN.

I am most especially grateful to my entire family and to my benefactors: Luc ONGUENE, Serge Clément and Paule Eunice NKE, Alain ANANGA, Denis MBESSE, Jean Daniel ANDELA, Jean Louis BOMBA, Emmanuel GONGHOMU, Rev. Fr. Jacques Bernard NKOA LEBOGO, Rev. Fr. Thierry MASSE, Rev. Fr. Serge Denis BOKO, as well as Rev. Fr. Lucien BEDE NAMA, Rev. Fr. Timothée ZOGO, and Mgr Damase ZINGA ATANGANA, who provided me with timely and much appreciated moral, spiritual and material support.

Immense thanks to Legrand NDZANA for his computer which motivated the beginnings of this work and to my Grandmother Fidèle ALENE, my aunts Céline ANANGA and Julienne BELLA as well as Cécile ONANA, Marie ONANA and Juliette ONANA for their maternal love and for all their prayers.

I am thankful to the NOMO Lazare family and to the NKE Serge family for keeping me under their roofs during these years of studies.

I will not forget to give a well-deserved credit to my dear father Joseph Martin BELIBI who placed my intellectual formation at the centre of his important preoccupations when this was still possible.

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