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Impact of the cost of the care of health of menages in Kinshasa

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Université de Kinshasa RDC - Licence 2010

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With the threshold of this work, we have the moral obligation to express our feelings of gratitude and of deep thanks to all those which brought to us their contest throughout our formation and during the realization of this work, it is in particular of Professor MVUDI MATINGU Séraphin and the Head of Work Mrs SHIDI Hortense IHEMBA, thanks to which, we raised the level of this essay.

With through the house Alma Divinatio, we present our sharp thanks as at all the personnel for their support as various as it is.

With the Kene-kene families, MULONGO Ruphin and Ruth MAFUTA, MUNZADI, OKANA, ODIO, BANITA, MUKIDI, NGANKWEY, MESIA and KILEBA, of which we will not be able to overlook the love and the affection that they do not cease making us proof.We theirs are grateful for their support and sacrifice during this period.

With our brothers and sisters:Rosine, Méroline, Valantine, Ndongo, Tshioka, Meski, Mukabaya, Matondo, Nsaniang, Laetitia, Ernest, Axel, Noëlla, Priscile, Emanuel, Grace, Ruphine, Plamédie, Taty, Mude, Alain, Jacques, Jackie, Reby, Valentia, Anderson, Armande, Irene Kilole, Niclette Mesa, Deyna, and Mulongo Grandpa, we their express our sincere gratirudes.

All friends:Renette KULONGA, Rossy Milwan, Mwaymba Elvis, Flory Mungobila, Tshibo Mayeye, Françi Soka, José Munkweme, Gedéon Milwan, Nseye, Yves Ibanga, Ntal Alpha, Guylain Sanga, Mariette Mane, Gisel Andaka, Ruth Olenu, Sabrina Okima, Yav Samushet, Bibi, Yalowando, Bopol, Digonda Christ, Landry Mavila, Cyril Forgiveness, David Mubwa, Hongerence Kitoko, Sandrine and Mama Munkweme, We have the deep joy of their expressed our sincerity.

They are many those which are entitled to our gratitude, their number plunges us in the embarrassment and we wonder by whom to start as long as it is difficult to estimate and evaluate the moral support and material which it did not cease to us bringing all to length this course which lasted so much.

The ones and the others of our readers, we ask not to hold us rigour for the imperfections and other material errors which would be, independently of our will, slipped into this work.That they take care well to excuse us.


in memoriam 2

dedicace 3

thanks 6

contents 7

0. introduction 11

0. 1.problematic 11

0.2. aims of the study 13

0.3. working hypothesis 13

0.4. choice and interest of the subject 14 0.5. delimitation of the subject 14

chapter first:general information on paludism 15

1.1. definition of the concepts 15 1.1.1. paludism 15

1.1.2. cost 16 definition: 16 types of costs 16

1.1.3. menage 18

i.1.3.1. kind of menages 18 budget of the menage 18
1.2. situation of paludism in rdc 19

1.2.1. species plasmodiales 19

1.2.2. principal vectors 19

chapter second:policy and system of health in rdc 21

2.1. policy of health in rdc 21

2.2. structure of the medico-medical system 22

2.2.1. services of the government 22

2.2.2. medical departments of the companies privees 22

2.2.3. medical philanthropic organizations 23

2.3. mission and organization of the medical system medico 23

2.3.1. central level 23

ii.3.2. level intermediaire 24

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9Impact, le film from Onalukusu Luambo on Vimeo.