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What is Byron's concept of love through his main character Don Juan

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par Massinissa Khirouani
Université d'Alger 2 - Licence en littérature anglophone 2013

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In England at the romantic era, women had to struggle in a world that goes quick, in unbridled rhythm and a moral that not follows. Byron was a supporter of the first option, for him, the alternative to make an end to women oppression was to support libertinism, unhappy marriage, violated women, repressed sexuality should have end. Social ethic and the prohibitions by religion are in Byron's point of view onlt a intolerable brake for women's blossoming*, sustained by hypocrisy of husbands, patriarchal hold, or religious precept. Women, according to the poet,should aspirate more autonomy; he approves women independance and admires their bravery. That is the way that Byron sees ideal freedom. However, in arguing his position,an advocacy takes place automatically. In contradiction with this thesis that he strongly defends because libertinism, is confined for the bourgeoisie class,also libertinism is not instinctive because it left out in several levels the procreation principle. Therefore, it does not enter a natural processes,it is also irrational forasmuch it depends on drives and desires.Byron himself supports his own personal satisfaction, in witch his egoism is his figurehead, when to women oppression by men. It is a myth, the only parity that does really exist is the poor-rich parity and the idea of the alienated women is a lure*,to hide the authentic injustice. The emancipation in accordance with the poet is to get rid of the received ideas and to stop being submissive,while in escaping a submission requires imperatively to be submissive to another one.

The most rational, is to be submissive to nature require(procreation, motherhood, loyalty toward conjoint, affective exchange...)while the modernity suggests the submission of women to own carnal desires, to a primary hedonism, to a blinded ambition, and to an illusory social status. Byron encourages such practices that remand you to a beast stage under the banner of the revival and civilization. In short,at the time where women acquired their rights and liberty, societies had never been so disastrous. What we want to say is not that women are the origin misfortune in society, but the fact that they fight for their rights, that are often legitimate Have nothing to improve their situations nor the society in which they live.

If we can give examples of our days; women were never so humiliated as now days, violated. We want to say that Byron's suggestion of free love, legitimates our current relationships, sex before marriage, temporal relationships that certainly do not play in women's side, more than that, it destroys their identity and honor. In the name of freedom and women liberty, in taking a struggle for their autonomy, women become more submissive than ever. What was intolerable at Byron's times, is the way to follow to enter the modern era, women nowadays are more sexual objects than they were in the past. That means that in trying to become free, they become object. In advocating the same right and values of men, women are less and less feminine in men's eyes, this example demonstrates the proof that what Byron's suggestion does not help women, but in contrary, it destroys them When we want to cure an ill we must make sure that the antidote is not more harmful as the illness itself.

As a conclusion, we can say that Byron's concept of love is a liberated love in which no morals and ethics have their place. Byron shows in his work that love wich transgresses all the difficulties is the pure one, a love which sexuality have an important role not as old romantics. Byron insists on the physical aspect of love, the poet suggests that we must follow our hearts without paying attention to other prejudices. It is the only way to be happy, even if it was a selfish attitude, Byron dares to talk about a prohibited subject, he opened a gate for a new vision to see the world, he have questioned people's mind for a moral transcendence, he was one of the precursors to defend women sexuality and equality of sexes. Lord Byron became the spokesman of a specific category of women, who assumed their eroticism in reading his work, Don Juan is a timeless work, while the mystery of sexual feminine do not intrigue the authors and poets as Byron before, or others after, because men will always be fascinated by women.

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