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South-south cooperation

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par Hanif Bazunu ISSAKA
Université Cadi Ayyad (Marrakech) - Licence en science Economie et Gestion 2007

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ECA - Economic Commission for Africa

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization

JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency

MAB - Man and the biosphere programme

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

NEPAD - New partnership for Africa's Development

NGO - Non-Governmental organisation

SPFS - Special programme for food security

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural


UNCTAD - United Nations conference on trade & development

UNU - United Nations University


This document is a reduced report on my Essay entitled South-south cooperation with a case study of the agreements on cooperation between the republic of Ghana and the kingdom of Morocco.

It is an essay presented at the end of my undergraduate studies in Economics and Management.

This report regroups facts on a short research undertaken on South-South cooperation, with an in-depth look into Ghana-Morocco relations.

In short, this report will not be as detailed as the original essay written in French. The aim of this report is to highlight the most important parts of the original essay which entailed a complete analysis of the agreements between the two countries and their outcomes, followed by some recommendations and proposals.

The Structure of my essay1(*) involved two sections. The first section took a complete and general look at South-south Cooperation. This includes the definition of concepts, the origin and general trend of south-south cooperation over the past years. It also took a look at its aims, objectives as well as international organizations involved in activities concerning the promotion of south-south cooperation. JICA, the United Nations and the group of 77 and china are some good examples mentioned.

This first part also includes some recommendation made in a report published by the UNDP and the special programme for assistance towards the promotion of south-south cooperation in developing countries.

The Second section takes a careful and separate look at each of the five agreements signed between the Republic of Ghana and the Kingdom of Morocco.

This second part ends with a personal evaluation of all the agreements (i.e. whether they have reached their objectives or not) including some recommendations and proposals which I believe should be considered with much attention if actually there is the need for the two countries to continue their efforts towards a much better cooperation in the near future.

However, this second section is preceded by a brief history on Ghana-Morocco relations and also takes a brief look at the political, Economic and Geographical situation of both countries. This section also makes very important and pertinent remarks on the roles of the two Embassies; that of the republic of Ghana (in Rabat) and that of kingdom of Morocco (in Accra). It also underlines the efforts of His Excellence the Ambassador Kobina Annan and the hard-working staff of the Embassy towards the promotion of the Good name of Ghana in this country, as well as the promotion of cooperation between Ghana and Morocco. Undoubtedly all the achievements mentioned by this essay as part of the results of good relations already existing between the two countries would not have been possible without such a dynamic and hard-working Ambassador.

* 1 Ref. to the Original version written in French.

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