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Environmental and human consequences of the capitalism system

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par Coralie Paturel
Uppsala University - Suède - Master 2 Action et Droit Humanitaire  2010

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Coralie Paturel

Uppsala University

2nd Semester Spring 2011

Environmental and


consequences of the

capitalism system

« From now, the highest and the most

beautiful performance which humanity will

have to carry out will be to answer to vital

needs with the simplest and healthiest

means. Cultivate its garden or devote

themselves to any activity which can create

autonomy will be consider as a political act,

a legitimate act of resistance to the

dependence and the control of the human


Pierre Rabhi1

1 Pierre Rabhi is a French writer, farmer and environmentalist. He invented the concept of « Oasis in any place ». He proposes a society that function in a manner that respects populations and land and support agricultural techniques that take care of the environment preserving natural ressource.

Table of contents

Introduction 04

I-- Environmental consequences: global warming 04

1°/ What is it? 04

2°/ Natural manifestation 05

3°/ A recent history ... 06

4°/ A scary perspective... 06

5°/ Major cause: capitalism system 07

II-- Humans consequences 07

1°/ Climatic displaces and refugees 07

1.1- Actual situation 07

1.2- Illustration with Bangladesh: first country with climatic refugees 08

1.2.1/ Bangladesh case... ... 08

1.2.2/ Bangladeshi's testimony 08

1.3- Long-term consequences 08

2°/ «Industrial refugees» 08

3°/ All victims 09

III-- Solutions and alternatives.........................................................10

1° / A diplomatic approach 10

1.1- General director of the BCAS2 approach to climatic refugees 10

1.2- Political policy 11

2°/A collective awakening 11

2.1- The concept of decrease 11

2.2- Individual responsibility...... 12

3°/NGO functions 12

Conclusion 13

References 14

2 Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies

Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, drought... These past years we have witnessed many humanitarian crises caused by natural disasters. Climate change has nowadays become a major issue and an important danger to take into consideration. The tendency of the international community is to consider the hypothesis of climate change as a danger more and more seriously. Mr Kofi Annan3 said, «Climate change is a silent human crisis. Yet it is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time. Already today, it causes suffering to hundreds of millions of people most of whom are not even aware that they are victims of climate change»4.

In this essay we would try to make a correlation between climate change and the actual economic system: the capitalism; which is partly responsible for it. We will not go into an historic and conceptual approach of the capitalism system but rather look after the environmental and human consequences of it. We will place our analysis in a global thinking, which consider the diverse appearance of the world as interdependent phenomena's.

In a first party we will present climate change and how it is manifesting. Then we will have a look to the human's consequences such as climatic and industrial refugees5. We will also try to show that in a way, we can consider that we are all victims of this industrial and overproduction system. Finally we will try to understand some possible solutions.

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