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Towards a more constructive analysis of forced migration : the case of Zimbabwean migrants in Zambia

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par Aline Mandrilly
IEP Bordeaux - Master Politique et developpement en Afrique et dans les Pays du Sud 2008

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Aline Mandrilly

Sciences Po Bordeaux

Master 1 Science Politique

Spécialité Sociologie du politique et de l'action publique

Parcours politique et développement en Afrique et dans les Pays du Sud

Towards a more constructive analysis of forced migration :

The case of Zimbabwean migrants in Zambia

Sous la direction de M. D. Darbon

Avril 2008

I dedicate this essay to Pardon Nyasha, the first Zimbabwean I met.

He offered me a room when I was in need of a refuge, and a nice hair-cut.

This essay would have been meaningless if not for him.

The Revolution Will Eat Its Children (Anthem for Uncle Bob)

He's a leader, talks of freedom
He knows the power of the Big Idea
He's a dealer, he's a seeker
Of the power that comes from fear
He gave his life to the party machine
Holding on a secret dream
He knows better than anyone
'Power comes from the barrel of a gun
And he's rising up against them now
And he's rising up in country and town
Rising up against them now, rising up

Chorus :
The revolution has eaten its children
I see the river of dreams run dry
I'm so thankful I got to love you
You are the reason I survive

The promise of a better life for all
The promise of freedom from hunger and war
So many rose up to answer the call
And so many are no longer here at all
The hopes of yesterday drowning in shifting sands
'cause something strange is going on across the land
Preaching water but drinking wine
Power gets us every time
The more things change
The more they stay the same
And they're rising up against him now
And they're rising up from country to town
And they're rising up, rising up

Free them from this hunger,

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