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Conception et implémentation d'un système de gestion des centres d'accès a internet : rechargement de compte par SMS

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par Oscar M. E. ADOUN
Université d'Abomey-Calavi - Ingénieur de Conception en Informatique et Télécommunication 2010

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This project is titled: design and implementation of a management system for Internet Service Centers: reloading by SMS. The objective is the implementation of a client-server web application for managing secure Internet coffee, including the SMS service for the management of certain modules.

The Mobile Money SMS Banking are topical issues (already promoted in Benin) using the SMS service to provide mobile value-added to customers. Our system is designed and integrated into the context of Benin and is intended for all Internet coffee and mobile operators anxious to retain their customers. In reality, the system allows, among other power users to conduct their operations in reloading or account inquiry in a center. However, its implementation depends on certain conditions outlined in the document. The operationalization of the system is subject to a partnership with theses centers and mobile operators.

Completion of this work was not without difficulties.

" If it is believed to have happened, is that we did not intend to go very far. "

Reach a solution is not an end in itself. In the long term, we expect to consider the shortcomings observed in other management systems, additional options and constraints mentioned in the document, in order to have a complete tool for managing of Internet Service Centers. And we intend to make our contribution to the revolution in general, systems management Internet Access Centers in particular.

Mémoire de fin de formation pour l'obtention du diplôme d'Ingénieur de Conception en Génie Informatique et

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