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How stakeholders influence football clubs' strategy?

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par Eric Bailly
Staffordshire University (UK) - M.Sc. in European Management Strategy 2003

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2.5. Objectives of the research

Polonky's model (1995) is very useful to achieve goals because it is divided into many parts (or steps). These different parts may represent the different objectives of the research. The overall objective of the research is to know how stakeholders influence football clubs' strategies. The second aim is to draw a comparison between France and England, and

How stakeholders influence football clubs' strategy ? September 2003

between important and less important teams. So the different objectives of this researchare:-Which stakeholders are considered important by football clubs?-Do those stakeholders have any power on the club? Where does their power come from?-How do they influence the clubs' strategies?-How the football clubs manage and communicate with stakeholders?-Have the French and English clubs similar or different way to manage stakeholders? Arethose differences expanding or not?First, a stakeholder map has to be drawn (with Archer (1995) and Mendelow's (1991)models). Then, the author will try to answer every objective and to apply Polonsky's modelto the football sector. Answers to this problematic will come from the data gatheredthrough the following methodology.

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