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The assessment of the impact of risk management in reducimg the risks of financial institutions in Cameroon

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par Paul Cedric DALLE
University of Buea - Cameroon - Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance 2006

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This is to certify that this Project entitled « Assessing the Impact of Risk Management in Reducing the Risks of Financial Institutions in Cameroon » presented by Cédric DALLE Paul (UB 021149) meets the project requirements and regulations governing the Award of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Banking and Finance at the University of Buea and is Therefore approved for its contributions to scientific knowledge and literacy presentation.

Sign: ............................ Date: ....................

Mr MBU S. Agbor


Sign: ............................ Date: ....................


(Head of Department)


I dedicate this work to the DALLEs

Papa, Sandrine and Steve

And also to

My grand mother EWOMBE Regine.

Thanks for all.


I cannot start this section without giving a SPECAL THANK to the ALMIGHTY GOD for his blessing on me and my family.

Special acknowledgements go to my supervisor Mr MBU S. Agbor for all his efforts and devotion to make sure that the Researches will be carried out effectively.

My uncle DIHEPE Alain is not left out; he helped me in giving me advice on how to carry out my researches.

Exclusive acknowledgement to my friends of the group FUTUREX, Guyzo, Stef, le Fotue, le Kalbe, Baisetcha, Didier and Lucile, lets build together.

Special thank to Mathe and Jo for their moral support and assistance. Thanks ladies.

I also would like to thank my programme coordinator for the convivial atmosphere that exists during his lectures, thanks Mr NDENKA.

I would like to thank all the persons that contributed a lot not only in my life but also in the realisation of this Project, especially the NJOH family.

I will this tome express my thanks to all my friends: NJALEU Alain, TCHENA NDJENG Theodore, ESSAM J.P.B, Emilie NKOUEMOU, Charlise MINKEU, Carole KAMGUIA, Hermine FOKEM, SANAMA, Caroline, Charlotte, EDU Nora, Claude, EBOLE Annick, Charline, METCHETCH, Claude-Maurelle, WEMBE Cyrille, Eric and Arlette, Laura, Alice, Amina, Guy-franck and Romy.

Any thanks go to my Cousin EPOTO SONGA Ange Annick, for her assistance in all aspect of my life in UB.

I am specially indebted to my great friend Winnie NZOUATCHA for her spiritual support, spiritual encouragement and for being there when she was needed

Finally I would like to thanks all those who participated directly or indirectly to the realisation of this project especially the Staff of the Library of the University of Buea.


I hereby declare that this project is written by me and it represents a record of my own research efforts. It has not been presented before in any application for a degree or any reputable presentation. All borrowed ideas have been duly acknowledged by means of references and quotation marks.

Sign: .............................. Date: ......................

Cédric DALLE Paul

This above declaration is confirmed by:

Sign: .............................. Date: ......................

Mr MBU S. Agbor



This work «Assessing the Impact of Risk Management in Reducing the Risks of Financial Institutions in Cameroon» seeks to study and evaluate the relationship between Risk Reduction strategy and the profitability of Financial Institutions in Cameroon for the period 1997-2005.

Given the problem statement, does risk management have an impact on risky shift through reduction of bad loans in the Cameroonian financial system? The study was aimed at finding out whether Risk Management relates negatively with profitability of financial institutions in Cameroon. The null hypothesis were raised from the problem statement; Risk Management does not affect effectively returns in financial institutions

Most of the data was collected through secondary sources found in publications, books and internet. These data were analysed using the trends analysis, table analysis, ratio analysis and standard deviation analysis to verify the relationship between Risks Management and Return of Financial institutions in Cameroon.

Risks Managers should try to keep adequate liquidity level in order to meet some uncertain issues related to the withdrawals of funds or bankruptcy.

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