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Evaluation of the hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and anti alpha amylase effects of extracts of the twigs and fruits of ficus ovata vahl (moraceae)

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University of Yaoundé I - Master 2011

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This work is dedicated to

The almighty God in whom my life got a meaning through his

Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth

To my late parents, Mama FOUONDO MOMO Antoinette and Dr FOUONDO COCKNEY. Thanks for always standing by me. It is because of your conviction that I got where I am today, I will never forget you.

To Mr. NGOUANE Martin for all his support and encouragement


To my lovely husband DOUNTSOP KENNE Bruno and kids KENNE FOUONDO Rolland Martin, KENNE MOMO James Steve and KENNE KENNE Israel Nathan


A research document like this could not have been realized without the assistance of certain people to whom I testify my sincere gratitude.

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of my supervisor Prof OBEN ENYONG Julius, who inspite of his numerous responsibilities, corrected and guided me throughout this project. Accept my sincere gratitude.

I wish to extend my immense appreciation and thanks to my director Dr FOKUNANG Charles, who designed my research topic and closely followed up this work to its completion. His critical review has contributed to the output of my write up.

Many thanks to Pr ETOA François Xavier, Head of Department of Biochemistry and to all the lecturers of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Yaounde I, who provided suitable lectures necessary for my training.

My profound gratitude and appreciation also goes to Dr NGONDI Judith Laure for her technical and moral support for the success of this work.

Great appreciation also goes to Dr NGAMENI, Mr. NONO BORGIA, Mr. NANA Frederick and all the elders and colleagues of the Laboratories of Natural Product-Phytochemistry and Toxicology (FMBS) who assisted in the harvest, extraction and phytochemical screening of Ficus ovata vahl.

My profound gratitude also goes to Miss NYANGONO Christine for all her devotion, who welcome me in the field of research and took me through the laboratory set up.

Many thanks to Pr FOKOU Elie , Pr. MINKA Samuel, Mrs MBONG Angie and to all the members of the Laboratory of Food Science and Metabolism especially my close colleagues: BEYEGUE Eric, ESSOLA Nadine, ESSOUMAN Florine, NGUIMKENG SIGNING Boris, MAPTOUOM Laure, MECHUM Pamela, NGO NLEND Marguerite, NGUELE Raymond, NKOUGNI Jacob, for their advice and encouragement.

To my friends of the Masters II promotion for their criticisms and social interaction.

I wish to extend my love and gratitude to my brothers and sisters respectively; NDE Robertson, TEITA Daniel, TCHOUPOU Marie-Sollange, POUFONG Daniel, LONSTIE Alex, MAFFO Lumiere and my aunt TOUKEM Bertine for their multiple support and tons of prayer for my success.

I wish to appreciate my family-in-law especially my mother-in-law Mrs. KENNE SONNA Julienne, brothers and sisters in-law, especially, Mr. MANE Olivier and miss KENNE Laure for their support and encouragement.

To my family friends Mr. DUCOS Rogers, Mr. KAMDEM Olivier, Mr. YMELE Allen, Mr. YAMO Gil, Mr. NDONGBOU Daniel, Mrs. PEKAKOUMCHE Mariama, LAMYA Glory, FOMEKONG Caroline, ASONGANI Adeline, Joel KAMDEM, NCHE Eleanor for their advice and friendship.

For those that are not cited here expressis verbis kindly accept my sincere gratitude.

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Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy

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