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The impact of monetary policy on consumer price index (CPI): 1985-2010

par Sylvie NIBEZA
Kigali Independent University (ULK) - Master Degree 2014

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3.9 Data processing

The aim of data collection was to analyze and interpret those data in order to achieve the conclusion that will be applied in the context of improving organization. The data analyzed concern CPI, Money supply (M2), Exchange rate; Nominal Interest rate, the analysis has been done using econometric analysis. The result of analysis done was clearly presented in next chapter and the conclusions and recommendations based on this analysis were given in last chapter.

3.10 Limitations & Delimitations

I cannot explain the overall impact of monetary policy because it is difficult to cover all variables and their impact on Consumer Price Index (CPI) because of shortage of time. Monetary policy affects the economy and decrease in unemployment, poverty, and increase in investment, savings, foreign investment, price stability and time lag of monetary policy.

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