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The impact of monetary policy on consumer price index (CPI): 1985-2010

par Sylvie NIBEZA
Kigali Independent University (ULK) - Master Degree 2014

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1.10 Organization of the dissertation

The study is divided into five chapters: It begins with an introduction presenting the back ground of the study, significance of the study, the scope of the study, problem statement as well as the hypothesis and the objectives and then the organization of the study is constructed as follow:

The first chapter is related to the study includes the problem statement, the objectives of the study, the research motivation and the structure of the study is outlined in this chapter.

The second chapter is related to the literature review which is attempted to define and explain some key concepts, Books and journal articles have been consulted to find out how different authors explain theories and/or provide evidences related to the topic the impact of monetary policy on consumer price index (CPI).

The third chapter discusses the method to analyze the data and information collected estimation used in chapters 4.

The fourth chapter was analyzed the findings on data collected on monetary policy and see how this chapter is verified.

The fifth chapters are related to the summary, conclusion and policy recommendations of the study.

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