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Prostitution des mineures et utilisation des préservatifs à  Kavumu

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par Blaise Masirika Irenge
Université des pays des grands lacs  - Master 2012

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The miners' prostitution becomes more and more actuality in spite of the absence of statistics in developed a lot of countries and of the third world. It`s still a public health problem who causes emotions and contradictory attitudes. Some consider it like serious rape, others as a ritual of adolescence passage to the adult age, others as a deviance.


This is a transverse descriptive survey. Our sample is of 61 youngsters' minor prostitutes who practice their profession in Kavumu, aged of less than 18 years, selected by uncertain sampling systematic with a list of 180 prostitutes like basis of poll and a step of poll of 3.


For our investigated the middle age is of 16 (15 16) years. Family composition is 7 (67) peoples. All investigated have feminine sex. 1/3 of the girls miners prostitutes live in the Cirato and Kabamba. They investigated have a level of incomplete secondary and primary survey are to 27.9% each. 3/4des investigated heard to speak already of the house of prostitution and 86.9% of miners' prostitution. 2/5 of the girls prostituted have the first sexual relation to the age between 12 and 14 bygone years, 32.8% enter 14 and 16 bygone years, against only 9,8% a little later between 16 and 17 years. 37.7% of them investigated had finished the primary school at the time of this first sexual relation against 34.4%. 9/10 of them think that the clothing of the miners brings the men to envy them, the movies preferred is love movies 63.3%, pornographic 28.3%. Reasons to prostitute are the difficulties bound to the survival with 59%, l has research of sexual pleasure comes in second place with 27%. In the context of move the main reason that pushes the girls' miners to deliver themselves to prostitution is the survival difficulties with 61.4% against 25%. When the parents separated the main reason of prostituted mentioned by them investigated is the survival with 67.6% against 48.1% when the parents live wholes. About 1/3 girls have sexual relation with the partners of all categories professional, 13.1% only with the civil servants of the state. 59% of them investigated don't make a medical control. 91.8% of them investigated don't study anymore and the main reason mentioned by them with 55.4% is the family poverty. the proportion of the children non schooled girls is the double of the one of the boys (either 52.6% against 25%). 7.4% of the girls prostituted have parents separated because of the father's death with 57.1%, then the mother's death with 20%, the polygamy with 14.3%. the majority of the girls prostituted lives outside of the family house is 77%, the main reasons of this move are family poverty with 29.8%, the desire of liberty with 27.7%, the bad friends (21.3%). More of 1/3 of our investigated had the two parents as their person responsible at the time that they started prostitution. 94% of our investigated moved their origin villages and does the main reason stay the insecurity. The existence of family meetings 55.7% and the frequency of once per week was the most quoted (by 50% of the girls). For what is the profession of the parents agriculturist's profession (28% of the side father against 33.9% at the mother), in second place comes the profession of civil servant of the state with 20.4% at the father against 3.6% The sexual dissatisfaction of the girl and the ignorance of the importance of the condoms are the main reasons of non use of condoms with 36% each, does the man's refusal come back in last position with 28%. The more aged girls (15 to 17ans) use two times more the condom in relation than the youngest (less than 15 years) with P*>0.05, is this rate raised when the first sexual relation took place in the age group of 14à16 years and less elevated when age is less to 12 years. Schooling doesn't influence meaningfully on the use of condom whatever having us a rate raised at the schooled girls (60%) in relation to the non schooled (41.1%). The use of the condom varies from meaningful manner according to the level of instruction with the most elevated use rate to the two extremes, P*<0.05.

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