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The contribution of rwandan health insurance in economic development of rwanda

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par Dusabimana Athanase
Umutara Polytechnic University - Degree of Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (Economics) 2012

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I, DUSABIMANA Athanase, hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, this Dissertation entitled «The contribution of Rwandan health insurance in the economic development of Rwanda» is original and my inventive work and has not been presented in Umutara Polytechnic or any other university or institution of higher learning for the academic award. Where other beneficiaries' work has been used, references are appropriately given.



Date: ......... October, 2012


This is to certify that the Dissertation entitled «The contribution of Rwandan health insurance in economic development of Rwanda» was done by DUSABIMANA Athanase under my supervision.



Date: ........... October, 2012


To Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ, my Duagther, your sleep does not mean the absence. To my mother, my sisters, and my brothers your tireless support and prayers will always be remembered!! Friends and relatives whose courage, love and contribution were of great influence to the successful completion of my study.

To all of you, this work is dedicated!


The memoire is in fact the final result of my loving and understanding beneficiaries and thus the production of which owes much to the assistance of many beneficiaries without whose efforts this work would not have seen the light of the day. However, due to limited space I cannot mention all, but nevertheless I appreciate their efforts in all respects.

Thanks to God our father and Jesus our savior for giving me energy, enthusiasm, health body, wisdom, which helps me during my studies.

This research is a result of joint effort from the beneficiaries who, in away or in another contributed to its completion. I register my sincere gratitude to them.

My heartfelt recognition goes to Mr. KABANDANA Ernest for his encouragement, correction, advice and motivation through my research work as my supervisor. I am great full to him for tireless contributions to my work.

My gratitude is extended to all my teachers and lectures, which taught and guide me from primary schools to the institutions of higher learning. For their devoted tutelage and guidance.

My recognition is also extended to the beneficiaries of Ruganda sector; authorities and beneficiaries of MHI, from whom the information used were given and their staff for the ideas and support offered.

My personal singular appreciation and love go to my parents; my father NKUMBUYE Leonidas, my mother MUKARWEMA Judith for sacrifice of choosing and permitting me to be away in the academic work.

Special credit goes to my Brothers and Sisters mostly the families of Mr. SIBOMANA J. Damascène and Mr. HITIMANA Marcel, Friends for their encouragement, financial, social, and moral and all material support you have given me throughout my life and academic pursuit.

Lastly but not least, to all of you out there who wished me good luck and success. May God reward you unsparingly!

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