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The role of SMEs in rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Clotilde MUKAMUGANGA
National University of Rwanda - A0 2011

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2.5.2. The business and civil contribution

Building supply chain capacity

The many large corporations that source their supplies from developing countries require reliable suppliers. Large corporations can help SMEs become more viable business partners by providing training in basic skills such as management, bookkeeping, business planning, marketing, distribution, and quality control. They can assist through technology transfers, direct investment in infrastructure, and the sharing of knowledge.

This makes SMEs more competitive and facilitates access to credit. All of this can benefit the large corporations by creating more effective and inclusive supply chains. (http/

Rationalizing procurement procedures

Many global companies use intermediaries to identify local suppliers. This can add an extra layer of cost to the operation, a financial outlay that rarely goes to the originator of the goods. It also adds time. By building relationships with SMEs, large corporations can cut out the middlemen. This helps drive down costs, hastens delivery and improves quality. (http/

Strengthening local distribution networks

SMEs have local knowledge, understand domestic consumer demands, and have access to remote regions. By contracting local SMEs to sell and distribute their products in these markets, large corporations can help strengthen the sales capacity and income of local SMEs. At the same time, they can strengthen their own distribution networks and open up new markets for their products. (http/

Improving standards

Global companies are increasingly asked about the operations of their suppliers, and thus can offer transparency along their supply chains. Large corporations can help their SME suppliers to comply with international standards such as ISO 14001. Such compliance can enable SMEs to compete in international markets while at the same time improving the overall quality of suppliers to large corporations. (http/

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