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The role of SMEs in rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Clotilde MUKAMUGANGA
National University of Rwanda - A0 2011

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4.1. Introduction

This chapter deals with the analysis and interpretation of the data, discussion of the major findings of the study and their interpretations, percentages and frequencies were used as means of analyzing and interpreting the data.

This chapter thus examines the empirical evidence and establishes the ground up on the research questions were answered before drawing conclusion. The analysis was made on the responses of 30 respondents from urwibutso enterprise. The responses were analyzed and interpreted to draw conclusion. The data were therefore presented in the form of descriptive, statistical tables and percentages. This chapter is composed of two sections: the first section highlights the profile of urwibutso enterprise while the second section attempts to analyze data collected, interprets it and presents the various findings from the research in form of answering research questionnaire in order to relate it with the study objectives and hypothesis.

4.2. Presentation of urwibutso enterprise

After identifying and locating geographically urwibutso enterprise, we will analyze its mission, its objectives, its historical, its evolution, its organization and its management, then its role on Rwandan rural development especially around it.

4.3. Urwibutso enterprise's historical and evolution

Urwibutso enterprise started in 1983 by a young and dynamic SINA Gerard with one employee as compared to 421 employees today. It uses local human capacity and resources to develop business which now benefits over 3000 families. Urwibutso means something to remember. The started with a small shop located half way the journey to Ruhengeri or current Musanze and the bakery started working in 1985 at Nyirangarama.

At first SINA Gerard offered free beef stews and bread to travelers and drivers with the aim of allowing them to taste his products. Later in 1993 after 10 years in business experience, SINA Gerard legally registered his business under the name of URWIBUTSO delivered from people who taste his beignet or andazi.

At embyonary stage, war and 1994 genocide disturbed the commercial activities of enterprise during two years. In 1996, the enterprise diversified its activity portfolio and is oriented towards agro pastoral activities (passion fruits, banana and pineapple, red and yellow pepper, cattle farming, pig). In 1998, as producer of great quantity of fruits particularly passion fruit, commercialized at a weak price on national market, the producer has taken a decision of introducing his proper little unit of production of commercialized juice under the mark «AGASHYA».

In 1999, the carpentry workshop opened in urwibutso with the major aim of developing skills of the local people engaged in carpentry. Enterprise urwibutso provided trainings to over 200 workers in carpentry workshop. Today carpentry workshop competes with other companies once there is bidding for any market nationally and many occasions, they have been successful.

In 2002, the enterprise began the production of banana beer called «AKARUSHO» and the conditionnement of natural honey.

In 2003, the enterprise introduced on the market red and yellow pepper called «AKABANGA»

In 2004, the enterprise began the construction and public works activities.

In 2006, Mr. SINA Gerard received award in Frankfurt.

In 2007, the business of Urwibutso enterprise was certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO) hinged on achievement of adding value to local raw agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables.

The major focus however, was to produce and process organic fruit and vegetable product in Rwanda.

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