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Contribution of small and medium enterprise to the economic development of Rwanda

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par Valens NYANDWI
Universite Nationale du Rwanda - Licence 2013

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4.4. HUYE water enterprise's objectives

? To support the development of the industrial sector generally through innovative and the transfer international best practice.

? To support the drive of the private sector investment for the development of the economy working with locals as well as international investment and development focused agencies.

? To meet needs and expectations of its customers by providing the products at the right quality and at the right time.

Shortly, all enterprises such as small, medium and large companies have necessarily one goal to achieve. It is in regards that Huye water enterprise has fixed major objectives that we can classify in two categories:

? Social objective

The social objective of Huye water enterprise is to generate the revenues to the population of the different region by introducing new trading activities, friendship between the traders and customers, solidarity and creativity sprit, paying good taxes to the government.

Briefly, Huye water enterprise plays key roles in job creation for local population according to the capacity and competence of each of it which fight against unemployment level.

? Economic objective

Economic objective pursuit by enterprise is justified by its considered true interest center. Then, enterprise wants to maximize the production in order to satisfy the potential demand and insurer rational management which contribute to the reduction of its charges, keep and ameliorate the quality of its products, maintain good image in front of actual consumers, develop the competence in front of its personal, maximize the profits, innovate the new technique ,etc.

4. 5.The environment of Huye water enterprise

The HUYE water enterprise is not a monopoly one but operates with a perfect competition market structure like Inyange industry, Urwibutso enterprise, etc.

In order to adapt itself to the business investment, this enterprise makes sure that it has a good relationship with the commercial banks and even other industries operating in Rwandan territory and other countries.

4.6. Juridical statute of Huye water enterprise

HUYE water enterprise is an individual Industrial company of Mr. GAKWAYA Etienne whose capital was 83,404,822 RWF at the beginning in 1998 but currently increased up to the capital of 149,000,000 RWF (Department of finance, December 2012).

Figure 4.1 Organization structure of HUYE water enterprise

Executive Director

Director of commerce

IT Manager


Chief Accountant


Importation Officer







Accountant A














Officer messengers


(Source: Finance Department, June 2014)

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