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Tue dole of National Bank of Rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Paterne RUKUNDO
National university of Rwanda - A0 2011

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3.5. Research techniques

3.5.1. Documentation

Time was devoted to searching for appropriate literature, reports and reading material containing the underpinning theory. A great deal of attention was devoted to publications on econometrics to provide the major support for the current study. Also, a number of websites have been visited not only in the intention of econometric modeling but also with the main of acquiring knowledge on money stock determinants around the globe in general and in economies similar to ours in particular. Many of these websites had information on money stock theories.

3.5.2. Computer programs

The whole work of analyzing the data was done with the help of computer programs. One search program that was used extensively in the study is E-Views 3.1. The choice of E-Views 3.1 program is constrained by the availability of programs and the appropriateness to handle the task at hand. This program is chosen because it is appropriate for this kind of research and can handle the estimations envisaged.

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Aidez l'hopital de Montfermeil

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