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Tue dole of National Bank of Rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Paterne RUKUNDO
National university of Rwanda - A0 2011

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3.6. Limitations to the study

Some problems were encountered mostly because of the way the inflation has been compiled through the years. Indeed, prices of goods and services that entered the CPI were collected in the Kigali area only. Therefore, we do not really have data on inflation in Rwanda. What is available is only a rough approximation of reality.

It is only with the recent creation of the national institute of statistics of Rwanda that the methodology changed. Indeed, nowadays, the CPI covers data collected all over the country. Another limitation was the reliability of the data.

Because of different methodologies for compiling the monetary stock, inflation, GDP and exchange; the BNR, the Ministry of Economics and Finance (MINECOFIN) and Rwanda National Institute of Statistics (RNIS) have different values.

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