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Intégration de protocoles de sécurité pour la communication inter-agents dans la plate-forme Aglets

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par Manel Sekma
Institut Supérieur d'Informatique et de Mathématiques de Monastir - Maitrise 2007

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The concept of Agents dates back to late seventies when it was used in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI). Multi Agent system is a software agent that can migrate autonomously from node to node across a network. They can be used for a variety of application but they pose a potential security threat no for the applications that need necessitate confidential transport of data.

The software development on distributed open environment raises the necessity of security protocols whose implementation on Aglets platform is the topic of our thesis.

In this thesis, we will start with an overview the characteristics, realization a specification of the platform Aglets. Then, we will focus on the security of communication between Aglets systems by using agents and multi agent paradigms.

We will also investigate some missing properties on the basis of tests that compare this new approach with others existing approaches

Keywords :

Multi agent System, Mobile Agent, Aglets, aglet, communication, security.

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