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The nature of schools and academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Gasabo district Kigali City

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par Damien Nzabihimana
Université internationale de Kampala - Master 2010

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I, Damien Nzabihimana, declare that this thesis is my original work and has never been presented for any award in any university or any institution of higher learning. In any instances where the work of others has been used, due acknowledgement has been given.


Damien Nzabihimana




«I confirm that the work reported in this dissertation was carried out by the candidate under my supervision».


Names: Mr. Ochan Joseph




«This dissertation entitled the nature of schools and academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Gasabo District Kigali city presented by Damien Nzabihimana in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master in Education management has been examined and approved by the panel on oral examination with the grade of PASSED.


Name and Sig. of Chairman

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Name and Sig. of Supervisor Name and signature of panelist

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Name and Sig. of panelist Name and signature of panelist

Date of Comprehensive Examination: ____________________________

Grade: ____________________________


Name and Sig. of director, SPGSR


Name and Sig. of DVC, SPGSR


This work is dedicated to Miss Virginia Nyirantibizerwa who does not cease to fully support me all the time.


This research has been a result of the contribution and effort of several individuals. Indeed, I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to my supervisor Mr. Ochan Joseph for his tireless effort he put in guiding me on how to go about it.

In the same way, I thank all my lecturers in the School of Postgraduate Studies for their great contribution towards my training at Kampala International University.

I owe my appreciation to teachers and head teachers of the schools where all the primary data for this study were obtained. I also thank the staff of the Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) who accepted to provide me with the secondary data used in this research.

My appreciation also goes to my classmates for the encouragement and moral support rendered to me during the time of undertaking this study. Through sharing, we encouraged and built esprit de corps in one another to achieve the common goal, despite all difficulties encountered individually or collectively.

To you all, may the Almighty God grant peace all the time!


The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between the nature of schools and the academic performance of pupils in primary schools in Gasabo district Rwanda. Specifically the study wanted to (i) compare the academic performance of pupils in public and private primary schools in Gasabo district Rwanda; (ii) to establish the effect of availability of school facilities on pupils' academic performance and (iii) to establish the effect of teacher Quality on pupils' academic performance in Gasabo district Rwanda. The study was done by developing a conceptual framework relating the nature of schools to pupils' academic performance. Using a descriptive cross-sectional survey design, data were collected from 40 teacher and 10 head teacher using questionnaires and interview guide as the main data collection instruments. Also data on PLE results for 300 pupils in the selected primary schools was obtained which was used in comparing pupils' performance in the two categories of schools. Data were analyzed using frequency tables and summary statistics and lastly using t-test in comparing pupils' performance in private and public primary schools in Gasabo.

The study revealed that there is a difference in the academic performance of pupils in public and private primary pupils in Gasabo district with pupils in private primary schools performing batter than their counterparts. School facilities and teacher quality were also found to be affecting academic performance in Gasabo district. The recommendations of the study were (i) Government providing public and private subsidized primary schools with required facilities so as to create in them a welcoming environment for teaching/learning process, (ii) the Ministry of education should reduce the bureaucracy in the school administration, allowing public schools to diversify their sources of funding (iii) Politicians and other officials of Rwanda should also keep monitoring and evaluating the quality of public education in primary schools and take general decision in favor of all citizens of Rwanda as far as education is concerned and (iv) the value of a teacher's quality in terms of experience, qualification, ability to prepare for lessons should be honored and compensated in order to give teachers the motivation to adequately do their jobs and support pupils learning to improve on their performance.

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