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How stakeholders influence football clubs' strategy?

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par Eric Bailly
Staffordshire University (UK) - M.Sc. in European Management Strategy 2003

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4.5. Recommendations

Concerning the stakeholders' management, football clubs are very committed into developing links with their stakeholders. Their top managers seem conscious about the benefits stakeholders bring them. But there is a wrong point as well: clubs take much care about the stakeholders increasing their income and less about the others. The best example remains the relation with the players' agents. Clubs treat them bad all year long excepting during the transfer periods. If clubs would develop a trespectful and true relationship with them, they would benefit from their expertise and network to find exceptional players. It is also important to highlight that French football clubs are not committed enough to community programs if we compare with English clubs. This is something important to improve. Concerning the competition, at a European level, rules should be imposed to improve the clubs' finance by forbidding access to competitions for overextended clubs. This would prevent clubs from financial abuses which drive to bankruptcy. English football clubs developed transparency in financial affairs and it would be a great example for French ones. English clubs should benchmark France to develop their football schools. It is certain that access to Stock Exchange market would provoke an exceptional increase for French club's income. But are these clubs skilled enough to manage this added money? To access financial markets, football clubs would be required to have made profits for the last three years which is the case of almost none French club. This rule from the Commission des Opérations de Bourse (C.O.B.) limits the number of clubs who would benefit this access. Football clubs are also too dependent of their income from television right. To avoid a disaster, they should diversify their income as much as possible.

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