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Chomsky, Brzezinski and the allegation of terrorism in the american strategy for the global primacy

par Mohamed Youssef LAARISSA
Université Cadi Ayyad - B.A of English Studies 2010

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1- THE European Protectorates.

After seeing the grand lines of the Zbigniew Brzezinski Theory, we will move to what we have called the European Powerlessness.

Setting a strategy for global primacy, passes through, the isolation of Russia, the control of any emergent country in Eurasia, controlling its progress, by using cooperation programs, either military, or economically and so forth. For Zibig, Japan is a protectorate as well as Western Europe, Russia has been weakened enough and it does not represent a threat anymore, and China can only be a regional power. Within this part the focus will put on Western Europe.

So, asked about the question concerning the place occupied by other powers in the global Chessboard; namely, Western Europeans (Great Britain, Germany and France). Brzezinski simply, in a direct and blunt style, and avoiding any kind of wooden language, states that Western Europe and Japan constitute an American Protectorate, that will blindly obey to their American Master.

Describing the situation of Europe, Brzezinski declares, that her situation has changed from being the subject of global supremacy, to become an object among others. This situation has been created because of the Europe self-destruction process within two world wars. According to USA, it was completely the opposite. The European self-destruction, and the American participation in the two global conflicts, was among the major reasons of the American outmatched power.

The United States benefited enormously from the WWII, which has ruined its principal contenders (Europe, USSR, China, and Japan). It was thus in a position to exert its economic hegemony, since more than a half of global industrial production was concentrated in the United States, especially the technologies that would shape the development of the second half of the century. In addition the USA was the only nuclear power at that time (9).

For Noam Chomsky, the Cold War ideology and the international communist conspiracy function in an important way as essentially a propaganda device to mobilize support at a particular historical moment for this long-time imperial enterprise. In fact, he believes that this is probably the main function of the Cold War: it serves as a useful device for the managers of American society and their counterparts in the Soviet Union to control their own populations and their own respective imperial systems» (10).

One of the European politicians who guessed the American imperialist aims was Charles de Gaulle. He was aware that USA objective was to take the control of Europe, applying the strategy of «Divide to Conquer», by invoking the red menace from Moscow, in which he personally never believed. Quite the opposite, for him building a strong Europe goes through the alliance of three pillars called «Paris, Berlin and Moscow». A Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals could be the only brake to the American global ambitions. Unfortunately for him, he found himself alone and isolated.

The Marshal Plan guaranteed USA to achieve its aims, and was a double blade weapon for Western Europe and Japan. In fact, it has highly contributed to the

(9) Samir AMIN, U.S. Imperialism, Europe, and the Middle East,


rebuilding of Western Europe, admittedly, but it has also contributed to the eternal and unconditional support of Western Europe towards USA, in other words the Marshal Plan has been an efficient tool used by the USA to obtain the eternal bowing of Western Europe.

The Marshal plan is going to have a military version NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The declared objective of this military alliance was to stop the Soviet specter coming from the East. But it fact, another objective that might be more important, is by USA leading the NATO, Europe is going to be perpetually subordinated on the military field. The absence of a military sovereign Europe is the major warranty in the hands of the USA.

American strategists were aware of the importance of Western Europe and Japan due to its geographical position and level of development, and about the fact that contender to global primacy will be USSR. That is what explains the importance given to them, rather than other geographical areas.

The purpose of the USA was the contribution to the construction of a strong European Union. But, this strength is limited. The development of Europe must be controlled by the USA, in a way that the Europe stays eternally linked to its godfather.

With the fall of the wall of Berlin and the end if the West-East antagonism, the USA will increase the effort to annex the rest of Europe to its global control plan. To achieve that aim, USA is going to depend on its geostrategical pivots; namely: France and Germany.

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Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy