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Landfill sites selection for municipal solid waste using multi criteria evaluation techniques. Case of Rusizi town, Rwanda

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National university of Rwanda - Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Geo-Information Science 2013

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1.2. Problem statement

Rwanda cities are growing day by day. Due to the population growth and the improvement of life standards, there is a growing concern associated with waste generation. Some efforts were made to handle the urban waste, but there are still some weaknesses related to the selection of suitable sites for waste disposal. According to (REMA, 2010) waste disposal facilities remain inadequate in resettlements (imidugudu), small towns and cities throughout Rwanda.

In rural areas, organic waste is composted and mixed in fields. Other types of waste are reused or put underlay. In urban areas, the local administration usually manages solid waste collection and disposes waste in open dumpsites.


Research has been done in the field of landfill site selection for municipal solid waste in different countries and particularly in Rwanda, in the City of Kigali, using GIS overlay analyses. While ideal for performing spatial searches on nominally mapped criteria, these GIS overlay analyses are limited in use when multiple and conflicting criteria and objectives are concerned. MCE techniques offer means for making and supporting complex siting decisions, involving multiple criteria (STEPHEN, 1991).

In addition, their results cannot be efficiently and effectively used for the case of Rusizi Town without any modifications due to the heterogeneity of economical, environmental, political and social parameters that were used in other countries and cities. Therefore, this research is a contribution to the site selection and determination in secondary city of Rwanda such as Rusizi using state-of-art-technology like MCET.

1.3. Research objectives and Research questions

The main objective of this study is to identify/ show sites for municipal solid waste in Rusizi Town using MCET. In order to achieve the main research objective, the following specific objectives and research questions were answered in this research.

Table 1-1: Research objectives and questions

Specific objectives

Research questions


To assess the current situation of waste generation and management in Rusizi Town.

What is the quantity of waste

generation per day?

What are the techniques used to select

waste disposal in Rusizi Town?


To assess the suitability of the current landfill sites.

What are the criteria fulfilled by the current landfill sites?


3. To determine suitable site(s) for landfill for waste dumping

What are the suitable locations of landfill sites for each Sector?

How many potential landfill sites for

waste dumping in Rusizi town?


1.4. Scope of the Research

The study only covers the municipal solid waste in the Town of Rusizi that is made of Kamembe, Gihundwe and Mururu Sectors. The design, operations and maintenance of a landfill is out of the scope of this project.

1.5. Research contributions

This research makes a contribution to the literature in terms of landfill site selection. The result will always help city management officials to quickly identify and select suitable landfills for municipal solid waste disposal. In addition, it will help managers to cut down the time spent debating location based problems as well as reduce costs.



This chapter is about the review of literature on solid waste management. The first part of this chapter discussed solid waste categories, the second parts identifies different technologies that are used in solid waste management, the third part identifies various criteria that are taken into consideration in landfill siting, while the fourth part presents the role of GIS and MCE in site selection.

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