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Action program of the rwandan women parliamentary forum (RWPF) in matter of promotion of the know how of the rwandan women facing vision 2020: Case of Huye District (1996-2006)

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par Frédéric TEGERA MPAMYA
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor's Degree 2007

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1.2. Action program

1.2.1. Action

According to A. Touraine, the action indicates the linking movement of the groups or individuals in a common objective of defense of their interests, or an ideal which can profit from it without taking part in it. In general talk, large Encyclopedic Larousse, (1963), defines the Action plan like the complement of the equipment and modernization plan intended to correct geographical imbalances of the economy, supporting the economic and social expansion various areas, and more particularly those which suffers from under-employment or an insufficient economic development.

1.2.2. Program

The program term indicates the integrated whole of activities conceived to achieve a common goal or the unit of action or policy having knowledge to acquire and the techniques to be controlled.

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