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Action program of the rwandan women parliamentary forum (RWPF) in matter of promotion of the know how of the rwandan women facing vision 2020: Case of Huye District (1996-2006)

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par Frédéric TEGERA MPAMYA
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor's Degree 2007

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1.3. FFRP

The Forum of the Parliamentary Rwandan Women (FFRP) is an advisory mechanism of facilitation of the integration of the gender within the Parliament which was creates in 1996. It is the organizational shape of the members of Parliament (9 senators and 39 deputies). Such organizations (drilled or networks of the members of Parliament) are recognized by the law carrying the payment of an interior nature of the two rooms of the Parliament of Rwanda (senate and House of Commons). 1.4. Promotion of the know-how of the Rwandan woman.

1.4.1. Promotion

According to Small famous Larousse (1998), the word promotion comes from the verb to promote, which means to push ahead, advance, rise with a dignity, a rank or a higher row. In general talk, certain authors speak about emancipation, others of promotion, but all want to mean certain release. The expressions can be used one for the other of all circumstances.

According to MUKEZAMFURA, A. (1988), emancipated can be intended itself in the direction to leave its usual reserve. In particular, it its ease to take conventions of morals and social.

1.4.2. Know-how

According to Parker and Fleishman, the expression know-how means skill to make a success of what one undertakes. Its limitation and its dependence refer to the capacity which tends to a general feature which facilitates the performance of an individual in a variety of tasks.

Indeed such or such know-how, it is for example to be able to practice a trade or an art, to carry out a work thanks to training, with a competence, the experiment, an acquired or natural skill. Know-how is also a mode of knowledge, for example a child can carry out an addition by grouping his fingers or of the tokens. Consequently, that which has knowledge can not know how to exploit them.

To arrive at the goal that one sets in advance, one must have know-how, an intelligence which enables us to order our knowledge and to choose those which are relevant. "the promotion of the know-how of the Rwandan woman" being as a process which consists of an awakening of its capacities, more reflected opening of spirit, but in the hand with his/her male colleague. For a long time, the Rwandan women were submitted to the man, as the general introduction clears up it.

The Rwandan woman of today must go in the direction of front of what our days call "the integration of the know-how of the Rwandan woman to the development" Know-how diffuse by the FFRP does not arrive in virgin ground in the farming community as the agents of development too often say it that it is not a question to bring know-how where reign ignorance.

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