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Action program of the rwandan women parliamentary forum (RWPF) in matter of promotion of the know how of the rwandan women facing vision 2020: Case of Huye District (1996-2006)

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par Frédéric TEGERA MPAMYA
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor's Degree 2007

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1.5. Vision 2020

1.5.1. Vision

According, Jean-Marie Court and Serge Snrech (1998): "the Vision" is expressed in the form of a long-term image of the distribution of the men and their activities. It is the result of "projections" established on the basis of mechanism identified in the long retrospective and of more or less voluntarist sets of assumptions.

The term "Vision 2020" is a concept which was launched universally from Geneva in February 1999. The term rests at a vast coalition of the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. Its objective is to eliminate the principal causes from avoidable blindness from here the year 2020, by bringing closer the governmental and nongovernmental agencies to facilitate planning, the development and the setting maneuver of programs of national and durable ocular care, based on three principal strategies, namely: fight against the disease, development of human resources and development of the infrastructures, according to principles' of care of primary health.

"The Vision 2020 of the Rwandan context" itself, means project of activity which shows the image that wants to have the Rwandan company by 2020. It plans to make Rwanda a country with average income (of 260 $ US currently with 960 $ US in 2020), it is - with - to say to leave the state of poverty by combining the economic growth targets and those of the development»

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