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The implementation of web based system for the improvment of good governance in the development of rwandan districts.

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par Herménégilde HUNDWITIRO
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor Degree 2009

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In this section, sample interfaces are displayed. And the main functionalities of the system are shown .We displayed the interfaces for the users in general and also the interface for an administrator to accomplish their activities.


Figure 4.5: The main Page

Figure 4.6: Announcement page

Figure 4.7: End of announcement page

Figure 4.8: The tender page

Figure 4.10: The applicant page

Figure 4.9: The Details for tender page

Figure 4.12: The administrator page.

Figure 4.11: the page for uploading other files.


Figure 4.13: The View all applicants page

Figure 4.14: The page for all files uploaded.

Figure 4.15: The page for submitting a comment.

Figure 4.16: The page for printing an announcement.

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