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The implementation of web based system for the improvment of good governance in the development of rwandan districts.

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par Herménégilde HUNDWITIRO
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor Degree 2009

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5.1 Conclusion

This research aimed at showing the importance of using the web based system in the improvement of good governance. Based on results of our research, the goals and the scope of the project it have deduced the conclusion below:

During the investigation it was found that even if there is use of ICT in Rwandan Districts, they do not maximize the benefits of ICTs for their daily activities .Some activities are still not automated because they have been made manually.

That is why the use of ICT need to be improved through a web based system that facilitates to keep people get informed on tenders processes in Rwandan Districts.

Beyond investigation research system development methodologies were used:

· Context diagram

· System outline

· Data flow diagram

· Entity relationship diagram and

· Data dictionary.

This method helped us to clarify how data are treated in the current system and how the new system would be .By implementing the application, it has been found that problems of getting information online on tenders available in Rwandan Districts and the opportunity for application have been attended via the use of system called District Invitation to Tender Management Information System.

DITMIS design has got the benefits as it facilitates citizens to get all information on tenders available in Rwandan Districts and the opportunity to apply for any tender.

5.2 Recommendations

Based on experiences, investigation carried out and some constraints accoutered, to finish this research the following recommendations are mentioned, for the great success of the present system:

.. The project ended with software product .The wisdom of software engineering teaches that software is never completed .Thus; we suggest this software to be considered as «prototype».

.. Some imperfections must be revised and corrected before the deployment and functionality of DITMIS.

.. The Districts must sensitize the citizens on the use of the new technology with the aim of improving this system.

.. The districts should provide adequate computer tool, including the internet to citizens in order to allow them to use the DITMIS.

5.3 Future work

Lastly, the further research should also be done on the selection of applicants in order to found out the selected applicant based on the requirements for the application and the contract signed between the District and the selected applicant.


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