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The implementation of web based system for the improvment of good governance in the development of rwandan districts.

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par Herménégilde HUNDWITIRO
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor Degree 2009

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1.3. Objectives of the study

General Objective

Development of web based system for Nyamagabe District that can be used in the improvement of good governance.

Demonstration of the need the advantages and disadvantages of using a web based system as compared to their traditional system used in Nyamagabe District.

Specific Objective

Main objectives in this project will be to:

> Study the activities of Nyamagabe District identifying and specifying the

requirements of a new web based system to be implemented.

> Model and designing the solution to meet requirements of the system.

> Design and creation of the additional databases to store relevant data of the system.

> Ensuring Security, performance and reliability of the system.

1.4. Motivation and interest of the project

The implementation of these system rises for the following interests:

Applying the knowledge acquired during academic studies and in different training fields.

This research provides invaluable source of knowledge and information for NYAMAGABE DISTRICT as it provides better understanding of using a web based system application and the way it can be a source of increasing the delivery of better services to the people.

Moreover, web based system is going to help Districts. By helping in the delivery of better services and increasing the transparency for the invitation to tender process in the district. Through this research, attempt to show how web based system application could be an invaluable tool for improving good governance.

1.5. The project questions

This research attempted to respond to the following project questions:

1) Is a web based system to improve good governance very reliable at Nyamagabe district? 2)Will the use of web based system help NYAMAGABE DISTRICT to increase the delivery of better services to the people?

3) Will the use of web based system enable NYAMAGABE DISTRICT to increase the transparency for the invitation to tender process?

4) Will the use of web based system become an answer to leaders and people for their daily activities?

1.6. The project hypotheses

«A WEB BASED SYSTEM can be delivered from the existing system in use at Nyamagabe District and used efficiently and successfully in the improvement of good governance».

1.7. Scope of the project

Due to the complexity of operations and multiplicity of tasks done at NYAMAGABE DISTRICT, the project may be focusing only on GOOD GOVERNANCE for the following: Develop a web site allowing citizens to know all information about the invitation to tender process in the District and help easily to apply for those tenders online to the District without being obliged to go to the Districts' seat.

Help people to obtain accurate information on tenders available in the district, increase the transparency and the accountability during the whole process of delivering the tenders.

By using PHP/MYSQL, HTML and other tools the tasks mentioned above, will be accomplished.

1.8. Methodology

In order to meet objectives, the following methods and research techniques are used: 1. Research methodology

> Consult course materials.

> Consult books that elucidate basic concepts and terminologies that will be used in this project.

> Internet.

2. Software development process methodology

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