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The implementation of web based system for the improvment of good governance in the development of rwandan districts.

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par Herménégilde HUNDWITIRO
National University of Rwanda - Bachelor Degree 2009

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1.1. Introduction

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are being increasingly used by the governments to deliver its services at the locations convenient to the citizens. The web based system attempt to offer the services of central agencies (like district administration, cooperative union, and state and central government departments) to the citizens at their village door steps.

Information Technologies is widely used and rapidly becoming a common asset of modern socio-economic life in this new world of globalization .These technologies are opening opportunities and new avenues for all.

Our country Rwanda has a long way to reach to successful in this area .Software development and the use of automated systems, network systems development and the needs to share information within the country and with outside world , is what among other things that hold largely the degree of measure of development in the Rwandan society.

These applications utilize the ICT in offering improved and affordable connectivity and processing solutions. Several Government-Citizen (G-C) e-Governments have attempted to adopt these technologies to improve the reach, enhance the base, minimize the processing costs, increase transparency, and reduce the cycle times.

A large number of web based system, aimed at offering easy access to citizen service and improved processing of government-to-citizen transactions. Some of these have drawn international attention and have won prestigious awards for their innovative approaches.

1.2. The problem statement

In Rwandan districts like other central departments in the country, the improvement of good-governance is a key feature for the development of the country.

Besides, Rwandan districts have recognized a big problem of lacking the system which may help the easy processing of the daily activities in order to easily achieve the delivery of better services to their people.

For instance using this system will help citizens to know the information about the tenders available in the district and they will have the possibility to apply for any tender on line. They will be able to give their comments on tenders' process in order to increase the transparency and the accountability for the invitation to tender process.

The existing tender system at Nyamagabe District is paper based , the used method are media where newspapers and radios are used to announce any tender and the interested people may apply using the papers. And Data recording and retrieving are done manually; which can result in some inconvenience such as ease loss of data, the lack of accessibility of information about tenders, all applicants and the lack of transparency in tender delivery process.

It is in this context that the researcher needs to develop a web based system to help in the achievement of districts objectives like providing the better services, improving the transparency and the accountability for the invitation to tender process to its citizens.

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