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The role of SMEs in rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Clotilde MUKAMUGANGA
National University of Rwanda - A0 2011

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3. 3. 2 Secondary data

Extensive study and review of published and unpublished documents, reports journals, newspapers and policy reports relevant to the study was used. Secondary datais «A data gathering method that makes use of pre-existing data» Richard M. Grinnell and Margaret Williams, (1990:228).

This technique is important because it reviews the literature and tries to canvas both global and national perspectives so that the researcher could have a comparative framework for analysis and evaluation (William, 1982:401).

Secondary data sources for this research work were drawn from the permanent file of some surveyed enterprises. The permanent file included among other documents and these includes the following: the statute, minute of managers, the manual of procedures and other documents considered necessary for this study.

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