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The role of SMEs in rwanda from 1995 to 2010

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par Clotilde MUKAMUGANGA
National University of Rwanda - A0 2011

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3. 6.3. Documentation

Bailey (1978:266) defines documentary study as a careful reading, understanding and analysis of written documents for some purposes other than social research. They record of past events that are written or printed. Grinnell and Williams (1990:219) noted that documentation is the analysis of data that exist in boxes, in some enterprise's basements or hidden in the core of a computer. In this research, the researcher collected the already existing data, by finding them where they are stored or field. During the process of documentary analysis, the researcher some documents and after understanding and analyzing the relevance of texts to this study, she jotted them down on manuscripts and later typed them on a computer for compilation. The researcher reads documents such as manual procedures, newspapers and other publications.

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