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Contribution of small and medium enterprise to the economic development of Rwanda

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par Valens NYANDWI
Universite Nationale du Rwanda - Licence 2013

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3.7.3. Tabulation

According to Selltiz et al. (1965: 406-407), tabulation refers to the part of technical process on statistical analysis of data that involves counting to determine the number cases that fall into various categories. Thus after eliminating errors, codes were assigned to each answer. This stage led to the construction of statistical tables showing frequency distribution of answers to questions addressed to respondents.

The statistical tables were used to compare the number of occurrences of each answer to questions asked. Up to this level, it was through mathematical and statistical tables that the number of occurrence of each answer in relation to the questions asked was converted into percentages which made it clear. Each table was accompanied by explanations about the nature of relationship between the variables that were indicated in tables.

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