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Wine education in the wine country

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par Gildas L'HOSTIS
Ecole Supérieure de commerce de Dijon - Mastere spécialisé Commerce Internationale vins et spiritueux 2011

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5. A snapshot of wine education through 5 different countries (public educational system. Vocational diplomas)







Wine consumption

22.3 (increasing)

53.8 (decreasing)

30.8 (decreasing)

20.9 (increasing)

9 (increasing). Source :

per capita (2006 source OIV)


Trade data and analysis


Wine courses are electives in

Wine courses are

Wine courses are

No specific courses in the


syllabus (state)

all levels of education.

mandatory and included in
all levels of the syllabus.

included in syllabus and
are mandatory

mainstream education

No specific, common programs, but some college


- Certificate II in hospitality


- Diploma in food and

or university offer whether


- Certificate III in hospitality

- CAP (Certificat

- Grado medio servicios

beverage operations :

elective units through


- Certificate IV in hospitality

d'aptitude professionnel) (2 years program) (1800

en restauracion

120 hours through the

table drink service

hospitality programs or sometimes a full wine


- Diploma in hospitality

hours + training period)

2 years studies. (2000

- BTEC levels 4 and 5

program including wine


- Baccalauréat

hours including

higher national

service (e.g. Santa Rosa


- Advanced diploma of

professionnel and Brevet

training period)

certificate: beverage

Junior college). Emphasis



de technicien (3 years


preparation and service

is also done on wine



- Grado superior

(unit 5: food and

foreign countries


Hospitality students can

- BTS (brevet de


beverage operations


graduate without studying

technicien supérieur) (2

A complete unit of 5


Hospitality programs are



or 3 years programme)

hours per week on the

Elective). Apply

mainly undertaken at


Students often come back to


second year

sensory evaluation



study wine while in the

An average of 1 hour per

(sommellerie). Wine

techniques to assess


workforce (e.g. : WSET)

week devoted to wine (apart

service is done on the

beverage acceptability

Degrees or non-degrees


Special unit on international wines (only in Sydney for the moment)

wine service in restaurant) Minimal courses on international wines

first year

(unit 27. Elective) (source : edexcel)



Sommelier courses

Only in Sydney (TAFE) : Certificate III in hospitality specialised in the role of sommelier

- Mention complémentaire

sommellerie (certificate)

- Brevet professionnel sommelier (advanced diploma)

- University degree in

sommellerie (Pablo Olavide university. Seville). Great

emphasis is done on foreign vineyards.

(fees around 2000 €). It is not compulsory to have an hospitality background

- Sommelier and wine

culture courses (Logrono)

Only through private programs

Private schools.

Wine evaluation and

service certificate (not only dedicated to the sommelier job) (Santa Rosa Junior College)

Waiting culture

No waiting culture. Waiters are usually university students. Waiting as a career is not officially recognised

Waiting is strongly linked to the food culture (e.g. :

Vatel). But the job is now less attractive and no longer seen as enhancive as before


Not seen as an attractive job. Perceived as a servile job

No waiting culture


Sommelier Australia (ASI

Union De la Sommellerie

Unión de Asociaciones

The Academy of Food and

Sommelier society of



Française (UDSF) (ASI member)

Españolas de Sumilleres (UAES) (ASI observer)

wine service (ASI member)


United States sommelier association

American sommelier association

Legal drinking age


16 (changing)


18 (16, 17 with a meal)


Number of WSET centres (source :






private schools, programs

Court of Master sommelier, WSET

Few private sommelier courses.

WSET. The Macon Davayé School is the only public school in France which authorized to prepare 3 different levels of the WSET exam (included diploma)


The Wine Academy of Spain (TWAS) is a private organisation devoted to the promotion of the Spanish wines

WSET (accredited by the QCA)

Importance of the Master of wine

Society of wine educators (non-profit organization) International sommelier guild (Master sommeliers similar title as master of wine in UK and Sommelier diploma program, 6 month International program)

5.1. Australia

«In Australia education is delivered through a network of Training Packages designed for each industry. The package is the Tourism Hospitality and Events Training Package and has a number of qualifications leading to job outcomes.» (Clive Hartley Senior Head Teacher, Food & Beverage/Event Management TAFE, Sydney).

- Waiting as a career is not officially recognised as an apprenticeship by the government - Only few restaurants can afford to employ a sommelier. The role is usually taken by the owner or the restaurant manager

- Wine lists in many suburbia and country towns are very small and offer only local wines

- Wine consumption per capita : 22.3 (2006)

- The hospitality industry has never officially recognised the job (sommelier). - Many Australians tend to find the sommelier intimidating.

- Things are changing and the Sommelier Association is becoming more important - Hospitality students can graduate without studying wine

- Each qualification is devised and discussed by bodies with representatives in the hospitality industry. The number of wine units are increasing

- Students leaving the courses do not have the skills and knowledge to be able to talk confidently about wine

- Customers in Australia are becoming more knowledgeable and that can be a disadvantage for the students

- Students come back to college to pick up specialist knowledge on wine and enrol in short courses

Advanced diploma of hospitality:

28 core units must be completed

15 elective units must be completed

Career opportunities: food and beverage manager, executive chef...

Wine courses are electives:

- Serve food and beverage to customers 110 hours

- Provide food and beverage service 80 hours

- Provide table service of alcoholic beverages 50 hours

- Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages 40 hours - Provide specialised advice on imported wines 40 hours

- Provide specialised advice on Australian wines 40 hours - Manage the sale of service of wine 80 hours

Table 2. Source: Assessment guide diploma Tafe

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