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Wine education in the wine country

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par Gildas L'HOSTIS
Ecole Supérieure de commerce de Dijon - Mastere spécialisé Commerce Internationale vins et spiritueux 2011

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5.2. USA

- No waiting culture, most of the restaurant employees (except for managers) do not have hospitality background (except for gastronomic restaurants)

- In the hospitality industry, waiting jobs are not recognized. Specialization begins at the university (Mériot 2000) which gives higher status

- No specific national programme, no specific link with any education programme - Becoming a sommelier is paradoxically easier as people do not necessarily need a

hospitality background to apply for a job and can easily find a sommelier course

(private programs)

- The American hotel and restaurant industry does not require a particular certificate or diploma to hold the position (Dewald, Jones. 2006) of sommelier or wine steward in a restaurant or hotel

- To move from one job to another is easier and common in USA - Wine consumption is prohibited under 21

- Strong influence of the Society of wine educators and Master of Wine. Programmes

are internationally based and focus on all vineyards around the world

- International sommelier Guild offers an education certified curriculum - American sommeliers are very efficient on wine selling

- Importance to achieve the goals that have been set in term of revenue - US sommeliers are aware about customer's expectations

- The restaurant industry is the second largest employer in the United States

5.3. England

- No specific national programme, no specific link with any education program - Diploma in food and beverage operations : table drink service

- A lot of sommeliers are French sommeliers in fine dining restaurants

- BTEC levels 4 and 5 higher national certificate: beverage preparation and service (unit

5: food and beverage operations management. Elective). Apply sensory evaluation

techniques to assess beverage acceptability (unit 27. Elective) (source : edexcel) - WSET is prominent (but does not offer a sommelier programme)

- Master of Wine is recognized as the highest achievement in the global wine community around the world (source :

5.4. Spain

- Hospitality and tourism are linked together. Wine courses as in France are included in all syllabuses.

- Interest in wine courses is increasing

Gradio medio servicios en restauration (certificate)

- 2 years studies

- Wine programme is clearly integrated in the overall curriculum as a complete unit

(basic knowledge of oenology, supplying, wine tasting, wine list, service). A part of

the apprenticeship is devoted to foreign countries. 120 hours (second year) - Wine apprenticeship is carried out in the second year

- Career opportunities : waiter, sommelier assistant

- For people above 16 years old

- Food and beverage service

- Wine and service

- Communication techniques

- Serve wine and give basic information

Table 3. Source:

Grado superior restauracion

The course is devoted to people wanting to work as managers in restaurants, food and beverage managers. 2000 hours.

- Can be compared to an advanced diploma

- Cooking

- Pastry

- Service (225 hours, including wine). Geography, oenology, transport, wine and food pairing, wine tasting.

- Sommellerie is an important unit in the second year (5 hours per week) - Marketing

- Foreign language

Table 4. Source :

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