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Health risk assessment associated with the reuse of compost, urine and greywater in agricultural field in sahelian climate.

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par Alexis Loukou BROU
Fondation 2iE - Master Environnement option Eau et Assainissement 2014

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3.4. Risk characterization

Hazard identification, exposure assessment and dose-response components were integrated to obtain a risk estimate and then comparing this risk estimated with the acceptable annual risk of infection according to WHO guidelines which recommend 10-6 DALY. The framework of steps of Monte Carlo method is shownin figure4.


Randomizing series of numbers following specific distribution for pathogen concentration in reclaimed water

Repeat for annual exposure frequency

Calculation of a dose from the exposure scenario and from randomized pathogen concentration in reclaimed water

Repeat for each data set

Calculation of a single daily exposure risk using the dose-response curve

Calculation of annual risk from the specific exposure scenario

Averagedifferent data sets

Compare with acceptable annual risk of infection(e.g., WHO recommends 10-6DALY )

Figure 4: Steps of calculation of Monte Carlo Method

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