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Analyse des déterminants de l'adoption et de la diffusion du dispositif amélioré d'étuvage du riz dans la commune de glazoue

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par Gabriel LAWIN
Université d'Abomey-Calavi - diplôme d'Ingénieur Agronome Option : Economie, Socio- Anthropologie et Communication 2006

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This study aims to analyze the determinants of the adoption of improved parboiling equipment for paddy rice in Glazoué region.

The study consisted of a series of investigations led to various scales: on the level of the transformers, consumers, traders and various institutions which intervene in the promotion of the improved parboiling equipment. The principal tools of collection and analysis of the data are in conformity with the qualitative orientation of the subject. However, it was essential for us to match the interpretation of our results by quantitative information in order to concretize certain aspects.

The results obtained show that the improved parboiling equipment contributes to improve the quality of rice which is well appreciated by consumers (cleanliness of rice, taste, less broken and swells better during cooking) and which is sold at a better price. The transformers agree on the fact that the new equipment supports a fast drying, facilitates the transfer of paddy after steaming and makes it possible to increase the yield after husking. However, its relatively high cost limits its accessibility to the transformers. Certain transformer also reported the high consumption of wood. But the analysis of the data shows that this constraint, which the transformers link to the improved parboiling equipment, would be partly due to the type of stove at their disposal. Indeed, the majority of transformers use a stove made by three stones. It thus results in a considerable loss in energy during steaming and consequently high consumption of wood.

The results obtained also show that several actors are implied in the diffusion of the parboiler. These include local NGOs (RABEMAR, Castor appuis-conseils and Un Monde) supported by international NGOs VECO and Helvétas; CeCPA Glazoué supported by the PSSA and the PADSA; the CPAC and the UNIRIZ-C supported by international NGO Oxfam Quebec. However, there is no synergy of action between these actors: several give the same training to the same groups, whereas in some villages groups exist whose members were never trained. Also, all the actors chose the existing rice growers groups as a channel of diffusion of the parboiler. This skews the diffusion of the parboiler, because in the zone of study there are three categories of transformer: transformer-producers, transformer-collectors and transformer-wholesalers. Only part of the transformer-producers is members of the groupings. However, the producer-transformers steam small quantities of paddy. This indicates that extension is oriented towards small transformers, neglecting the large transformers.

The use of the Enterprise Web tool emphasized certain key activities necessary for the adoption of the parboiler and which were not yet taken into account by the intervening actors. These include the training of millers and the provision of credit to transformers to purchase the parboiler and the paddy, especially in period of abundance. In addition, we noticed that there is no relation between the local artisans trained for the duplication of the parboiler and the transformers (potential users). This will be necessary to establish an effective local network.

At the end of this study, it appears advisable:

- to reinforce the functional and organizational capacity groupings;

- to widen the formation of transformer with the non-members of the groupings;

- to grant credit the women not only for the acquisition of the parboiler but also for the
purchase of paddy;

- to train the women with the construction of improved stove;

- to connect the local artisans trained directly with the transformers;

- to encourage the training of the local artisans;

- to initiate the training of the millers to the control of the adjustment of the mills;

- to combine the training by information on the local radio station.

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Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy

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