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Le post-rock et sa sous-estimation au cinéma

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par Alexis Tanet
ESRA Nice - DESRA 2009

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VI) Inventaire des équipements musicaux (par groupes)

Les pédales à caractère dominant seraient sans doute des pédales delay, fuzz/overdrive, une quantité non négligeable de groupes utilisent des guitares fender (même si cela pourrait être un peu une généralisation), pédales loop, pédales reverb, etc.

Voici quelques types de pédale que j'ai pu détecter parmi les groupes:



Akai Headrush E2






Ibanez Tone Lok DE-7

Behringer EM600 Echo Machine

MXR Carbon Copy

Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler


Marshall RF-1 Reflector

Behringer DR100 Reverb

Digitech Digiverb

Boss RRV-10 Half Rack



Line 6 Verbzilla

Line6 Tonecore Verbzilla

Holy Grail


Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff

Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer (TS9)

Zoom PD-01 Power Drive

MXT Custom Shop CSP-021 GT-OD

Behringer TO800

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Boss Metal Zone MT-2

Vox Big Ben Overdrive

Danelectro DD1 Fab Tone Overdrive

Barber Direct Drive

Vibe Amplification `Metal'

Pro Co RAT

Marshall JH-1



Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo

Danelectro Chicken Salad Vibrato

DOD FX25-B Envelope Filter

Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter

Fulltone Choralflange Stereo Chorus / Flange

Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Phaser

Behringer SM-200 Slow Motion


Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (Analog Delay/ Chorus/ Vibrato)

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

Digitech GSP-5


Korg PitchBlack Tuner

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic tuner

Boss RC-2 Loop Station

Boss RC-20 XL

ernie ball volume pedal

Ernie Ball 6165

BOSS FV-500L Foot Volume

line 6 DL4 looper

BOSS RE-20 Space Echo

MXR Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

Matériel groupes phares de la scène post-rock

Bark Psychosis

Graham Sutton :

I had a tremolo pedal, a chorus pedal, a delay pedal (Hex, 1994)


Jeff Parker:

Gibson Es-335 (81')

60's Fender Jazz Bass


Music Man 2x10 75-watt guitar combo amp

Ashdown Electric Blue Bass Amp

SWR 4x10 cabinet


"I use a Boss RV-3 Delay Reverb Pedal, A Big Briar Ring Modulator with expression pedal, a Crowther Hotcake distortion pedal, and a DOD FX-17 wah/volume pedal, and a Morley A/B box to rout the signal between guitar and bass amps."


Fender Jazzmaster 1962

60's Fender Bass VI


Fender Twin '65 Blackface Reissue (McCombs)

Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp (McCombs)

SWR 8x10 Cabinet (McCombs)


"McCombs uses a modified Crybaby wah pedal, ProCo Rat distortion pedal, Big Briar analog delay and lowpass filter pedals, Full Tone distortion, Crowther Prunes & Custard distortion, Ernie ball volume pedal, and Morley A/B boxes, plus a bunch of other stuff I'm not sure about."


60's Fender Precision Bass


SWR Bass Amp (Bitney)

SWR 4x10 cabinet (Bitney)

Vibraphone is made by Deagan, modified with a pickup system, so it can be directly connected to a sound source. Vibrato is controlled via Big Briar Ring Mod w/expression pedal.

Buchla Marimba Lumina mallet midi controller handles marimba sounds and a few other samples.

Godspeed You Black Emperor !

Efrim Menuck :


* Fender Jaguar - Sunburst, modified with a humbucker in the neck position and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece

* Travis Bean[9]

* Mosrite 'The Ventures' Mach 1 (A Silver Mt Zion)

Effects pedals

* BOSS GE-7 Equalizer

* BOSS TR-2 Tremolo

* Maestro Fuzztain

* Z.Vex Tremolo Probe

* Z.Vex Super Hard On

* Mutron Phaser II

* Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

* Zvex Fuzz Factory

* Zvex Wah Probe

* Death By Audio Sound Saw

* SIB Echodrive

* Diamond Pedals Memory Lane

* Foxrox ZIM

* Fulltone Supa-Trem


* Ampeg V4 head

* Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Trem-O-Verb head

explosions in the sky


Mark plays a black Fender Toronado with standard Atomic Humbucker pickups. This model is sometimes confused with a Jaguar or Jazzmaster. Even though this "low budget" guitar is manufactured in Ensenada (Mexico), it is highly praised by musicians and critics alike.

Michael is the only one in the band who plays two different instruments onstage. He was using a tobacco sunburst Washburn XB-100 with standard pickups. Now his bass is a black OLP MM2. His guitar is a beautiful blue and white Ibanez Talman (unsure of the exact model), with standard "lipstick" pickups.

Munaf is the owner of a Lake Placid blue Fender Stratocaster (unspecified model). The pickups appear to be the standard single coil type. More recently he has been playing a Fender Telecaster that appears to be Sherwood green. Both instruments have been heavily decorated with a collage of cartoon strips, miscellaneous images and graffiti.


Mark plays through a Fender '65 Twin Reverb Reissue.

Michael uses a Peavy T-Max bass head, along with an Ampeg SVT-410AV (4x10 cabinet).

Munaf plugs into a Fender Dual Showman head with a Fender 2x12 cabinet.


Mark sheds tears with an Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff, along with a Tech21 Sansamp GT-2. He also employs a Line 6 DL-4, an Arion Stage Tuner, and finally a Boss FV-50L volume pedal.

Michael rocks with an Ibanez Tube King, as well as a Boss DD-5 and an Arion Stage Tuner. It also appears that he is now using a MXR Distortion Plus, along with a Tech21 Sansamp GT-2 and a Boss RV-3.

Munaf makes magic with an Ibanez DE-7 and a Vox V830 Distortion Booster. He also uses an Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner in addition to a Tech21 Sansamp GT-2. Recently, the guitarist has been spotted using a Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay. An E-Bow and a small metal tube (he taps on the guitar strings) are some of the special tools he uses at key moments.


Chris is last but far from least. Apparently his seven piece dark blue Pearl drum set was purchased sometime in the early 1990's. The kit he uses consists of a snare, a single mounted tom drum, one floor tom, the bass drum, the hi-hat, one ride cymbal, and a single crash cymbal. As far as tools, he uses a pair of black brushes (unknown model & brand), a pair of mallets (unknown model & brand), various drumsticks, and a red half-moon headless tambourine (possibly a RhythmTech). It now appears that Chris has upgraded to a beautiful silver and green sparkle Fibes kit.


Taka Goto (guitarist geer)

Boss RC-20 Loop Station

BOSS LS-2 Line Selector Effects Loop


Boss RV-3

Boss RV-5

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Boss DD-3

Morley Power Wah/Volume

SiB Mr Echo

Boss PS-2 Pitch Shifter/Delay

Danelectro DD-1 Fab Tone

Customized Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

Customized Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Sigur ros


ampeg m15

fafner ebs bass amp

marshall jcm20oo (with jcm9o0 lead cab)




premier signia dw


dan electro

gibson les paul

gibson les paul personal

ibanez pf200


yamaha sg1300


fender rhodes

roland juno 106

hammond B3

yamaha cp80 piano

yamaha VSS30

yamaha SK20

EBS multidrive pedal

AMS RMX16 reverb

Sequenceur échantillonneur

yamaha RS7000

akai s6000

yamaha portasound vss30


neve console, in-line 72 channels/4 busses with a 32 channel uptown system 2000 automation system (flying faders) tascam us-2400, 25 fader control surface 3x behringer euroracks mx8024 8-channel mixers, used for separate foldback mixes behringer eurorack mx 2442a


avocado shaped shaker



midismart controller




dynaudio bm10 passive

dynaudio bm15a. active

tannoy dmt

yamaha ns-10m

recording/playback devices

denon dnt 620 cd/ cassette combo player

otarimtr90mkll24- track analogue tape machine

sony usb cd writer

soundscape r.ed digital

audio workstation: 24 in/28 out, 'unlimited' virtual tracks, fully automated

tascam da-40 dat machine

tascam cd-rw 4 u re-writeable cd burner


ams s-dmx delay

amsrmx16 reverberation system

boss/roland digilal dulti echo re-1000

boss dd-20 digital delay

boss rs-1000

boss rv-3 pedal dbxl20 sub-harmonic synth lexicon 960l, 8 analogue i/o + 8 aes/ebu mutronics mutator tc electronics m5o0o digital audio mainframe/ effects processor thermionic culture culture vulture distortion


avalon vt747 vacuum tube stereo compressor empirical labs el-8 distressor

joe meek vc2 tube

joe meek sc2 stereo compressor

manley massive passive stereo eq

neve 33609 stereo compressor

symetrix 425 dual mono/ stereo compressor/limiter/ expander

urei 1178 stereo limiter

other equipment

antaresatr-1 intonation processor (auto-tune)

2x avalon v5 active dl boxes

4 beyer dynamics dt

150 headphones

dl-boxes; v5, whirlwind power amps; chord spa 612, audio centron rma 1600

sennheiser hd250 headphones

4 mtr hpa2 headphone amps

rosenthal wif timecode converter

microphones (condenser)

2 x neumann u87

2 x neumann km 184

neumann km56 valve

neumann u47 valve

4x oktava mk219

rode nt-3 back-electret condenser

2 x schoeps cmc6 microphone amps

2 x schoeps mk6 capsules, switchable polar patterns

sennheiser 'blackfire' 5032p

sennheiser mkh-80 multipattern condenser

2 x sennheiser k6 power modules with capsules shure beta 87 condensers

shure sm91 boundary mic

microphones (dynamic)

akgd-112 assortment of shure dynamic microphones; sm57, sm58, beta 57. beta 58

3 x sennheiser md421 dynamic

sennheiser 'blackfire' 504

assortment of other mics, such as coles, tesla, telefunken etc.

microphones [ribbons)

2 x beyerdynamics ml60

ribbon mics

2 x coles studio 4038

ribbon microphones


Russian Circles

2 - Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway

Ernie Ball volume pedal

Boss TU2

Fulltone OCD

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

MXR Micro Amp

MXR Carbon Copy

EHX Deluxe Memory Man

EHX Nano Holy Grail

Akai Headrush E2

Digitech JamMan

2 - Sunn heads

2 - Emperor cabs

Bassist also had an Akai Headrush and Digitech Whammy IV among a quite full board


Aarons rig was slimed down.


black '72 Telecaster Custom Rosewood fretboard

brown Telecaster Deluxe Maple fretboard

EGC Aluminum Custom


Not too sure of the chain.

Boss TU-2

Boss RV-3

Boss PH-3

Boss DD-6

Line 6 DL-4

Moogerfooger RIng Modulator

Snarling Dog Blackbawl

Ernie Ball VP Jr

LAL Super Oscillo Fuzz

LAL Thunder Boxx


VHT Pittbull

2 VHT 4X12's

Red Sparowes

Josh Graham

guitare Sg black

Andy Arahood

Fender Stratocaster Us.. avec 3 mic simple format double + Jcm800

J'ai pas pu prendre de photo du 2ème guitariste Bryant clifford Meyer

en vrac je dirais: Les Paul studio black+ Roland Jazz chorus +

Fulltone fulldrive 2, Ge7, Rv5 ..., Line6 DL4


Stewart Braithwaite


Danelectro Bass

Fender Telecaster Deluxe w/ Seymour Duncan middle pickup

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gretsch 1977 Super Axe


Fender Twin Reverb

Marshall JCM 900 head

Marshall Super Bass head

Marshall 4x12 cabinets

Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet

Mesa Boogie 2x12 amp


Danelectro Fab Tone

Danelectro Fish & Chips Equaliser

Electro Harmonix US Big Muff Pi

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer

Electro Harmonix Q-Tron

Ibanez DL-5 Digital Delay

BOSS LS-2 Line Selector

BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor

BOSS RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay

Colorsound Tremolo

Jim Dunlop Crybaby

Jim Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe

Jim Dunlop TVP-1 Volume/Tremolo

Morley Bad Horsie Wah

Prescription Electronics Experience

Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah



Fender Bass VI

Fender American Standard Telecaster

Fender Jaguar

Fender Stratocaster

(2) Fender '72 Telecaster Custom


Marshall JCM 900 head

Marshall 4x12 cabinets

Mesa/Boogie 4x12 cabinets

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier head


BOSS DD-5 Digital Delay

Boss LS-2 Line Selector

Crowthers Audio Hotcake

BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion

BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive

Danelectro Fish & Chips Equaliser

DigiTech PDS 8000 Echo Plus

Electro Harmonix US Big Muff Pi

Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser

Electro Harmonix Q-Tron +

Ibanez AFL Auto Filter

Ibanez PH-5 Phaser

Maxon CS550 Stereo Chorus

Pro Co Rat 2

Sherman Filterbank 2

Vox distortion pedal

Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz



Fender American Fat Strat

Fender Nashville Telecaster

Gibson SG

Gordon Smith 12-string SG


Fender Twin Reverb

Marshall head

Marshall 4x12 cabinet

Orange head


BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay

BOSS LS-2 Line Selector

BOSS RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay

Danelectro Fish & Chips Equaliser

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Pro Co Rat 2

unidentified green Ibanez(?) pedal


Akai S5000 Sampler


Fender Rhodes stage piano


Roland MC-505 Groove Box

Roland PC-180 Controller

Zoom ST224 SampleTrak

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